Our 1918 ICON Ultra Premium Red Cabernet Sauvignon is made using only hand harvested grapes from the best vines our vineyard has to offer. These vines have been chosen specifically to create this wine and this is our second edition of what will be a limited production of only 850 cases.



In 1918 Aniceto Verdi arrived in Chile from his native Italy with the intention of fulfilling a lifelong dream, to cultivate grapes. This dream was the principal reason for his voyage to Chile, a country that even in those years, was already known for the quality of its soil, its temperature climate, and excellent wine. Once in Chile, Aniceto chose to settle with his family in Chile´s Central valley and within a short time Aniceto was producing and selling wine from his home, in unlabeled bottles.


The years passed and new generations returned to the seeds once planted by Aniceto. In 2004 the Manríquez and Verdi families decided to join forces and once again produce Casa Verdi wines. They created Agroverdi, a cooperative of small wines producers in the Curicó and Maule valleys focused exclusively on the production of high quality wines for the international market.


In 2007 Agroverdi reached an output of more than 100,000 cases of wine with presence in 15 countries, beginning a process of growth that involved the professionalization of their equipment, facility upgrades and certification processes.


In 2008 the company opened its first branch office in England to strengthen and enhance business relationships with customers in Europe, with the support of a business partner in the region.


In 2009, Agroverdi, in its continual search to improve and increase sales volumes formed a strong alliance with Chile´s Achurra family, who with half century´s experience in the production of the wine in the Central Valley, supplied quality wines with the latest technology in wine production processes, consolidating a production capacity of 250,000 cases annually.


In 2013 the vineyard has a presence in 24 countries and opened its sales office in China, in the city of Guangzhou, in order to provide a closer and agile service to our clients in Asia.


The success and consolidation of this company is due to 3 fundamental principles: Family tradition, outstanding quality of its wines and professional and friendly service.


Our team


Great Valleys, Outstanding wines


The great Central Valley, integrated by the Curicó and Maule Valleys, where a mild Mediterranean – type climate and varied soils offer superb conditions foe growing numerous varieties of the same noble grapes that are  cultivated in Europe. The narrow Central Valley lies between the snow-capped Andes and the cold coastal currents of the South Pacific. Dry summers with radiant days and cool nights help grapes attain their maximum potential for color, aroma and flavor. 


Curicó Valley


Our main producers vineyards in the Lontue River watershed, part of the Curicó Valley, which has burgeoned since the 1970s into a prestigious producer of internationally recognized wines. The vineyard is 80 kilometers (50 miles) from the Pacific and 60 kilometers (37 miles) from the Andes. The influence of the ocean and the mountains results in the markedly lower night temperatures that high-quality grapes require. This day-night temperature fluctuation has a positive effect on the development and maturation of aromas and polyphenols in our grapes. Although the summer sunshine is intense, cool afternoon breezes from the ocean contribute to the gradual maturing process that gives grapes the best color and fragrance.


Maule Valley


Because of the Maule Valley is farther south than the Curicó Valley, and because our vineyards are closer to the Andes, the climate is cooler and rainier in the winter and summers are less intense. The rocky alluvial soils are relatively shallow, composed of loam and clay. These conditions enable our viticulturists to craft excellent, aroma- driven white wines as well as red wines moderate alcohol content and exceptional intensity.


We have a beautiful and efficient wine cellar with a capacity of vinification of 13 million liters per year, which includes a laboratory last generation that allows us to analyze our wines before, during and after the process of growing, harvesting, vinification, bottling and dispatch of our wines.


The bottling plant, recently renovated in 2013, has 2 parallel lines of bottling, allowing us a line fill 6,500 bottles per hour. Since 2008, all our processes have HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification.

  • Total production area:

    300 Ha / 750 Acre
  • Total Wine Grape Production:

    3.800,000 Kilos
  • Grapes Proportion:

    19% white & 81% Red
  • Total Production:

    2,5 Million Liters
  • Proportion of Levels:

    55% Varietals, 35% Reserves & Premium 10%


Our wonderful 1918 ICON Ultra Premium Limited Edition Cabernet Sauvignon is made using only hand harvested grapes from the best vines our vineyard has to offer, in our hillside vineyards of near the winery. These vines have been chosen specifically to create this wine and this is our second edition of what will be a limited production of only 800 cases. Aged for 700 days in new French oak barrels, this wine is deep, dark red in colour, almost opaque, and presents intense aromas of forest berries, toasted notes, ripe strawberries, dried figs and bitter cacao. On the palate it is broad with hints of cherry and coffee and long tannins on the finish.


Varieties: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon Sub-region: Curicó Valley Soil: Deep loam/clay, with colluvial granite Alcohol: 14.5% Total acidity: 5 g/L Residual sugar: 2 g/L


Warm temperate climate with a Mediterranean rainfall regime and a wide range between daytime and
nighttime temperatures, resulting from the proximity of the Pacific Ocean (80 kilometers, or 50 miles) and the Andes Mountains (50 kilometers, or 37 miles). The grapes receive coastal breezes during the afternoon that help keep summer temperatures moderate. Annual precipitation averages about 600 millimeters, or 23.6 inches, concentrated in the winter months.


This Cabernet Sauvignon is made starting with grapes from hillside parcels in the Casaverdi estate. The soils are loam and clay with colluvial granite produced by erosion of the hill.



Agroverdi Headquarters
Av. Américo Vespucio 2880 Of 302. Conchalí, Santiago. Chile.


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